Round About

Round About is a bus tour that takes ‘tourists’ around the public art works of the city.  The purpose of the tour is to make audiences aware of the city and its complicated and anachronistic visual constructions and appendages.

The tour highlights contexts of place and ‘placelessness’.  We are interested in how they are transformed through interventions from civic/art/public engagement.  Plymouth’s public art projects provoke and constitute ideas on the nature of the city; what it might be, its identity and raises questions on their presentation, function and meaning in the 21st century.

The other concern is the idea of the city as ‘gallery’ of things and objects that arrive without a collective understanding of their context.

This is also an opportunity to ‘play’ with another recognizable format that exists outside of the art establishment and emerges through a type of tourist entertainment: that of the guided tour or bus tour.

It is important to note that it is not presented in an academic way, rather it engages the public in a cultural discourse in an entertaining and educational way.  It is provocative, informative, accessible but ultimately playful.

Our first Round About took place in October 2012 in conjunction with Plymouth Discovery Tours


One thought on “Round About

  1. Hi Jason
    Hope your having a good summer ….very much enjoyed reading the website …haven’t seen Marty Feldman for years, forgot how funny he was …happy days!
    Hope you like my images at the West End Gallery …. its been a great opportunity to meet other photographers and be inspired by their work.
    Thankyou for taking an interest.
    Penny (from PCAD)


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