Space Walk

Spacewalk is a walking lecture that investigates the interior and exterior spaces of Plymouth College of Art, a building that stands in the centre of the city. Built in the 1950s and redeveloped several times since then, the building is Plymouth in microcosm – a modernist structure that all too often seeks to hide behind facades and cladding.    We consider the liminal spaces of the building to have creative potential and seek to engage them, revealing new narratives that spring up in place of their intended meanings. The walk will engage a rhizomic structure of leaping from historical ideas of education to concepts of design and architecture.

This will be a light hearted walking lecture that may or may not involve David Bowie, HR Giger, The Adventure Game, Antarctica and an edible colour wheel.


One thought on “Space Walk

  1. Spacewalk took place on October, 2011 at Plymouth College of Art. A dissemination of the event, given in a talk, was delivered at Environmental Utterance at University of Falmouth in September 2012.


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