Sally Hall

Frame 2011. Egress Sign Drawing

I am an artist with a broad practice incorporating installation, drawing, painting, video, sound and, most recently, writing and performed texts.  My work engages ideas of space and place and their subsequent interactions.  These are expressed through visual and textual forms that are produced in spatial or architectural ideas and formats, and typically deal with site in urban or suburban contexts. A key characteristic of my practice is the consideration of place and space, particularly concepts of the overlooked, obsolescent, anachronistic, or banal sites.  These locations are of differing scales from the interiors of rooms to the exurbs.  My recent collaborative practice is an investigation of the spatial qualities of the peripheral sites of the city.

Jason Hirons

I am a walking artist interested in landscape, cultural geography and the experiences of everyday life. I explore the city as a performed and performative space, a palimpsest that records and rewrites the stories of those who have come and gone through the cityscape. Ideas of journey, narrative and site are central to my practice.


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