In November 2011 we were involved in making work at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel in Plymouth, as part of Platform P‘s takeover of the hotel (Friday 4 to Sunday 6 November)

Room 509

As part of Platform P’s weekend of exhibitions and performance events within The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth, Room 509 was a hotel room with particular idiosyncracies and qualities: absence, presence, palimpsest, ornamentation, obsolescence, object, non-object.  Sally constructed a series of wall ‘drawings’ made with insulation tape, that interconnected and overlapped creating one large spatial drawing.

Room 509. Image Credit: Glen Stoker

The Overlooked Hotel

Jason carried out a series of walks that explored and revealed the hidden and unseen spaces within the hotel.

Image: Simon Gomery

Desert Island Vids

Sally, Jason and Edith Doove  performed their work from this ongoing visual research inquiry into Space and Place in the Ballroom (Saturday 5 November).


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